My "Cool Iris" Portfolio:

And My "Boring" Portfolio...

CNNgo.com is a sister site to CNN.com. The "Hero" is a custom slideshow module with many bells and whistles:

Tech lead for building of Rodale Inc's corporate site, rodaleinc.com. Built on Drupal 5, used Highly customized view to link users into article repositories of many of their magazines.

Attract users to your site with backend tools for member correspondence or for interdepartmental communication... with shared corporate login credentials.

Real World 20 Video site.

MTV's RealWorldDailies.com was built on the Flux (yes "Flux") platform that's very popular to build on in overseas countries such as Australia.

Regardless of what your estranged platform, we can work with you to either optimize what you've got or convert your site to any other platform. Need to go to Drupal or WordPress?

Salvation Army - The Markle Evangeline Residence for Women, themarkle.org

Original Developer not available? Automated tasks gone awry?