Rock the Drop has the single mission to make others' experiences with Drupal much simpler. As we continue to build custom Drupal sites, we encounter challenging situations that require REAL know-how with the cool blue drop. As our knowledge expands, so does yours.
Stick around... it only gets better.
We are also front- and back-end Drupal Themers, Developers and PHP coders; available for development in NYC and abroad with no limit on size and scope.

(Broken) Manual Cron Bad Mix With path_to_theme

If you run cron manually and have custom theme code that lives on a database - code that runs a call to 'path_to_theme' - then your cron run probably doesn't finish (start ?).

the theme in use: sites/all/themes/zen/sub-theme
php code run in a block lives here: sites/all/themes/zen/sub-theme/block_code/
Run Cron Manually: /admin/reports/status/run-cron

The Markle Residence for Women

Original Developer not available? Automated tasks gone awry? I'll figure it all out for you, teach you what I've learned and give you the power to control your site again -- Even when it's NOT Drupal based. Need added functionality by a real programmer - not just a "Drupal Guy"? Congratulations, you found me! High-Profile? Non-Profit? Don't let me get away. ;)

Salvation Army - The Markle Evangeline Residence for Women,

Install Drupal In Seconds

YES - including all your favorite modules

Install Drupal FAST!

For those who know already, you know I'm talking about using drush to install Drupal. If you don't know what Drush is, using it will make you begin to love Drupal all over again - Tedious installs and upgrades are over with this tool... OVER.


Use node_load and node_save to Import Data

So you have a CSV file that as a developer, you already know how to manipulate and read from. You also know how to create objects or arrays from this CSV file. But you're running Drupal 6 and you want the content in this file to be content on the site. Most dev guys will tell you that you need to write custom queries to extend the Drupal Schema and then write custom code to get it on the page.

Don't forget... BYODD: Backup Your Own Database Dummy! We're Not responsible for you screwing up your database if you follow these directions.

Changing Search Results With hook_nodeapi

Sometimes, you have a need to really customize your search results. For this project there was a very specific 'index this, not that' sort of requirement. But the site was built already and while I'm still not sure of another way to get these requirements met, there was no way I was going to rebuild anything.

Regardless of what your estranged platform, we can work with you to either optimize what you've got or convert your site to any other platform. Need to go to Drupal or WordPress? There's a team for that.

MTV's was built on the Flux (yes "Flux") platform that's very popular to build on in overseas countries such as Australia. It was fun to use and was certainly a good tool to learn CMS's on.

Although Drupal is the clear CMS of choice for heavy duty web sites, any CMS is fair game. Especially if you need to perform a migration from a lesser performing one to Drupal -- Migrate the data, create new, similar content types, tweak the theme, etc, etc.. I'll work it out for ya.

Real World 20 Video site.

Attract users to your site with backend tools for member correspondence or for interdepartmental communication... with shared corporate login credentials. Empower your users and members to 'give back' using a dynamic and customized correspondence tool.

Rodale Inc

Tech lead for building of Rodale Inc's corporate site, Built on Drupal 5, used Highly customized view to link users into article repositories of many of their magazines. is a sister site to The "Hero" is a custom slideshow module with many bells and whistles:
Ads can be inserted into the Hero at any of the 6 available slots - Doing so removes the last Hero in the sequence keeping the number of Heros in the widget at exactly 6.
A rollover pauses the slideshow, darkens the Hero's Opacity, and displays the title and teaser text describing the linked article.
A click on one of the six nav buttons will take you directly to the sequenced image.


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