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Don't Hack Core

You hear it all the time. Any CMS worth its developers' sweated salt has some system of hooks available to other developers to use for customization of their own projects. What the same CMS would have is an entire commando unit who refuses to use the hooks available because they don't understand them, refuse to rtfm, or simply feel like hacking core is the right, easier, or *whatever-they'll-never-try-to-upgrade-anyway* way to go... or something like that.

The bottom line is:

Technologies: Upgraded to Drupal 7

... FINALLY ...
So I finally did it. Amongst other things, forgetting that I should have copied my list of imagecache presets before embarking on such a journey. Everything seems to be in order so far. I did, unfortunately, break my "Cooliris Portfolio". Hoping to fix shortly.

jQuery get() is Destructive

Drupal Views Variable Height Content Going Horizontal.

I had the disturbing task of creating a 3-column Homepage layout with nodes of varying height. The challenge here is that floating this content with CSS forces the left columns to have huge blocks of whitespace or empty "real estate" as the CSS engine tries to fill space to the right.

Since the desired effect of "most recent content on the top", multiple views or views displays were for the most part out of the question.


Drupal 7 Date Formats and View Modes

Hi! You must have a date formatting issue - You need to display a date within your Drupal 7 site in a more human readable format. I, for instance, needed to display a date in the format of 'September 2012' instead of how the date was stored in the Drupal database: 2012-09-01.

Access ROOT User on a Mac

Countless times I've searched and searched for how to access root for administrative duties on a mac. Each time I was met with a "just use sudo" in some way shape or form. But what happens when you truly want to be ROOT?! For whatever reason, if you're not able to do what you need to do as a sudo'd root or maybe you've been tired of typing "sudo" for any sequence of commands, There's a solution.

sudo su -


Drupal Permissions Set Properly.. Still Saying "Access Denied"

A user who should clearly have permission to edit a node or other content cannot. You've checked the permissions and roles over and over again and everything looks great. The user can log in, make changes to some other content but something's wrong with some specific bit and you can't figure out why.
Hopefully, that's the reason you're here. If not, maybe you'll learn something anyway. Or maybe you should just click another Google link; 'cause that's what I'd do. ;)

Conditional Stylesheet for IE 8

In short, when you need conditional CSS code for IE 8, dont use the typical method of inclusion as we did for IE 7. It just doesn't work. This is ignored: [if IE 8]

Instead, use this: [if gte IE 8]

Here are the full code entries. The WRONG way:
<!--[if IE 8]>
<link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" media="all" href="ie8.css" />

and The CORRECT way:
[if gte IE 8]
<link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" media="all" href="ie8.css" />

Drupal 7 Theme Caching Problem

So I started on a new Drupal 7 project. Got my First Drupal 7 Theme problem. A small blog site for a less-than-famous cook.. but one who LOVES to share new ideas on what to eat. The moment I changed themes was my first disappointment with Drupal 7...

Even though the Regions were named as they were in the default Bartik theme, None of the block content rendered in the expected places. Yes, I saved the individual blocks... and yes, I saved the Blocks page itself.

The problem, it turns out, is that I needed to CLEAR the CACHE here: /config/development/performance


Just installed Drupal 7 and Getting MANY errors

I'm going to save you the trouble of sifting through my error messages to ensure you got the right page. You do.
I'm betting you are running a D7 (Drupal 7) install on a shared server. You JUST installed it (or perhaps it and a bunch of modules with Drush). You ran cron.. and BANG!! LOTS of CRAZY ERRORS. Specifically, permission denied errors trying to delete directories you didn't know anything about... probably named by modules you don't use and didn't even install.. YEKKK!!

DAMMIT! What do you do? OK, cutting to the chase:

Theme Function Overrides - Use 'em!

I apologize if this read is a bit strange. I moved the 'meat' of this Drupal Help bit to the top so you don't waste time if all you want to do override a function. I'd rather you be productive then read my non-functional rant. . .

Here's generally how it works:


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