FCB New York

Senior Operations Engineer
Center for Tobacco Products www.therealcost.gov - under FDA / HHS

FDA (Center for Tobacco Products) – Senior Operations Engineer
Technical Liaison to CTP. Lead Drupal Architect, Developer, and DevOps Engineer for TheRealCost.gov. Section 508 (Accessibility) Compliance and GTM Integration Engineer. Team collaboration Lead. Backend Development on a Drupal 7 government website requiring 508 Compliance across all elements of the site. Integrated Google Tag Manager into the complex front-end design to enable a detailed view of end user activity within Google Analytics. Managed several local and remote teams and architected workflow and review structure. Architected full software lifecycle for therealcost.gov. Passed FDA required background check for receipt, use, and access to FDA computer and network.

Date Range: 
2/15 - Present