Just installed Drupal 7 and Getting MANY errors

I'm going to save you the trouble of sifting through my error messages to ensure you got the right page. You do.
I'm betting you are running a D7 (Drupal 7) install on a shared server. You JUST installed it (or perhaps it and a bunch of modules with Drush). You ran cron.. and BANG!! LOTS of CRAZY ERRORS. Specifically, permission denied errors trying to delete directories you didn't know anything about... probably named by modules you don't use and didn't even install.. YEKKK!!

DAMMIT! What do you do? OK, cutting to the chase:
SET UP A DIFFERENT TEMPORARY DIRECTORY BESIDES /tmp. Navigate on your site to '/admin/config/media/file-system' and set your temp directory to a non-shared one (duhh - detail below). I set mine up in my account home directory "/home/my_name/tmp" and gave it full permissions so I'd have no problems in the future (chmod 777 tmp).

Detail: The /tmp directory is accessible by anyone on a unix / linux OS. If it's your server, that's not an issue 'cause you own it and can manipulate files whenever. In our case, we run this Drupal 7 site on a shared server. Lots of other people are too. And chances are great that someone else there is running a Drupal site too. So all the Drupal sites on the server are trying to use /tmp/update-extraction at the same time (no I don't know what that directory is for yet) - Doing this is FINE... except the fact that the files are owned by another user and D7 is simply trying to delete them... which it can't because the file permissions will only allow that user to delete them. Cron runs and each time it tries to delete all of them... to no avail; due to limited permissions.

Create a directory as described above in an area that's accessible only by you and your virtual server and use that directory path for the Drupal Temporary Directory. That will fix this problem.

Some of the Errors I was getting:

# Warning: rmdir(/tmp/update-extraction/votingapi/tests) [function.rmdir]: Permission denied in drupal_rmdir() (line 2277 of /home/drkeller/public_html/royalty/includes/file.inc).
# Warning: rmdir(/tmp/update-extraction/locationmap/tests) [function.rmdir]: Permission denied in drupal_rmdir() (line 2277 of /home/drkeller/public_html/royalty/includes/file.inc).
# Warning: rmdir(/tmp/update-extraction/mollom) [function.rmdir]: Permission denied in drupal_rmdir() (line 2277 of /home/drkeller/public_html/royalty/includes/file.inc).
# Warning: rmdir(/tmp/update-extraction/comment_notify/translations) [function.rmdir]: Permission denied in drupal_rmdir() (line 2277 of /home/drkeller/public_html/royalty/includes/file.inc).
# Warning: rmdir(/tmp/update-extraction/admin_menu/translations) [function.rmdir]: Permission denied in drupal_rmdir() (line 2277 of /home/drkeller/public_html/royalty/includes/file.inc).