Install Drupal In Seconds

YES - including all your favorite modules

Install Drupal FAST!

For those who know already, you know I'm talking about using drush to install Drupal. If you don't know what Drush is, using it will make you begin to love Drupal all over again - Tedious installs and upgrades are over with this tool... OVER.

Now... Let's get to it... BYODD!! (Backup YOur Database, Dummy) - I will not be held accountable for your screwups. Now let's get to it for real. (hindsite tells me you may not even have a DB running right now since this 'howto' / 'tutorial' is for installing a new site. Whatever... do it anyway)

Here are my assumptions: 1) You know how to use the command line; 2) You have access to a mysql command line and/or are comfortable enough to run a few commands in a GUI tool like phpmyadmin; 3) You have drush installed already or can follow the instructions required at this page to install it. If those instructions don't work for you, please google it and find others that do; 4) You have a local Apache and MySQL database running and you know how to access your site once it's installed.

Note: These instructions are for linux based Drupal installs. I don't know and don't intend to test them on Windows at this time;

Now... Let's get to it :P
cd into the directory where your drupal install will live:
prompt$ cd /my/site/lives/here

Use drush to get drupal installed:
prompt$ drush dl drupal

drush tells you which version of Drupal was installed and where:
Project drupal (6.19) downloaded to /my/site/lives/here/drupal-6.19/. [success]

cd to your newly installed drupal site
prompt$ cd drupal-6.19

Now let's get you a database running. Get MySQL started the best way you know how and have your site's username and password ready so you can pass it to Drupal when it's time. Then run the following in MySQL modifying the commands appropriately for password, etc.

mysql> create database some_db_name;
mysql> grant all privileges on some_db_name.* to some_user@localhost identified by "password";

Now you have your database installed. Go and fire up this drupal install and get it running. That might take a second or two.

Now the magic happens... Drush will Download and unpack a crapload of Drupal modules... ALL your favorites. Add them on one command line as you see here - but name them as filenames without the version numbers and the 'tar.gz' extension you see in the modules section of Drush will tell you if something went wrong with an [error] note in the terminal. Here's the list that I use (of course you can add any you don't see here for yourself):

drush dl admin_menu adminrole calendar captcha cck date devel devel_themer eldorado_superfly filefield imageapi imagecache imagefield imce jquery_ui jquery_update location nodequeue nodewords pathauto token views views_accordion views_slideshow views_slideshow_ddblock views_slideshow_menu google_analytics

PRESTO... all these modules are downloaded and unpacked one after the other and placed in the proper sites/all/modules folder. You LOVE IT right?

Now you can enable them on your sites module page.. or you can also use drush to enable them. I don't do it that way because it seems like drush gets confused with the dependencies sometimes.

Maybe that wasn't seconds... but it was for SURE faster than ever before. HAPPY INSTALLING...