Forget About "Taxonomy CSV" and "Taxonomy Export"... Use "Taxonomy import/export via XML" instead.

Just spent hours trying to find a method for exporting Taxonomy terms to other Drupal instances.

I tested the following and very easily found flaws: : Found it difficult (never actually found "it") to describe to the front end what I need (ie full download of all taxonomies including Vocabulary name, descriptions, etc) : Seems to be just a shell... insert your code here.. is not the type of help I was looking for from a module.

Enter "Taxonomy import/export via XML" :
I especially like the goal NicolasH posted:
"A goal is to get the taxonomy import/export to a point where a Drupal site can become a taxonomy server of its own, providing realtime vocabulary sharing."

This is my predicament as my current project requires us to build on dev and personal boxes... hence the need to easily port Taxonomy to the production machine once testing is finished.

Anyway, This module quickly makes it obvious what it wants to do and what it can't do... no need to start searching for methods to get around it or looking for widgets that often aren't documented or easy to find. Once installed, you simply go to the Taxonomy page within the Admin section and find the Import / Export tabs right there at the top of the page. Once clicked, the options are laid out clean and straight .. what you can do.
You get a list of the availabe Vocabularies to download... each one in 3 diferent formats ready to go: xml, rdf, and tcs
What you cannot do is download everything in one shot. That's a bit annoying... but this is open source right? Maybe I'll create a way to create each one and package them all in a zip file.

I was able to create a series of these xml files based on and named after each Vocabulary on the site.

The export does NOT allow for CSV style exports... but if you have a CSV to imort, the import section will apparently handle that with no problem. You can choose the location of the source file to be a remote machine that can has webservices or other import file available... haven't tested yet... but yes, it apparently has the ability to do a remote download too. This module is well-thought out (so far at least) giving the option to allow repeated terms in a vocabulary in cases (like mine) where vocab terms can repeat in a hierarchical structure.

If you need to synch two servers like a dev and production, get this one... IT WORKS.