Drupal 7 Date Formats and View Modes

Hi! You must have a date formatting issue - You need to display a date within your Drupal 7 site in a more human readable format. I, for instance, needed to display a date in the format of 'September 2012' instead of how the date was stored in the Drupal database: 2012-09-01.

The date view modes in Drupal 7 work much better than the ones in version 6. So you're in luck. For starters, go to Configuration > Regional and language > Date and Time (uri: admin/config/regional/date-time/formats). Click 'add format' and enter your format string in the resulting form. Then you can back out to the 'date-time' page to name your new formatter -- your new named format will be at the bottom of the drop-down list.
That was the 'cut-to-the-chase' direction. However, if you're completely new to formatting dates, especially in the php way, you MUST familiarize yourself with the following in php:


The format tokens are your key to getting exactly what you need. Please note that the use of any other (non-tokenized) character in your custom format will be echoed literally.
Example: A format of m d Y will give you 09 19 2012 -Note the spaces between mdY show up "literally.
Likewise, A format with a comma like F d, Y will show the comma literally: September 19, 2012
Here's one with a time of day: F j, Y h.ia will output September 4, 2012 2.33pm

Please note that these View Modes (some confusion in nomenclature may exist here as Drupal tends to want to call Formats view modes or similar) appear to only work when the actual Format is set to 'Date and Time' as opposed to 'Time ago' or 'Plain'.

If you can offer something to make this description easier or better, please let me know.

The answer, by the way, to my formatting problem was to use F Y. This results in simply Semptember 2012.