Turner New Products Group Senior Developer
Talener Inc.

Worked with team of developers using Drupal 6 to build Developed module for "Hero" generation and display. Required use of custom MySQL queries and PHP code to retrieve field data and inject Advertisement code into slideshow. Used Jquery / Javascript to build and customize a high-end functional slideshow on Drupal Website. Also incorporated CSS sprites for menu and view state display and control.

jQuery get() is Destructive

Drupal Views Variable Height Content Going Horizontal.

I had the disturbing task of creating a 3-column Homepage layout with nodes of varying height. The challenge here is that floating this content with CSS forces the left columns to have huge blocks of whitespace or empty "real estate" as the CSS engine tries to fill space to the right.

Since the desired effect of "most recent content on the top", multiple views or views displays were for the most part out of the question.


Drupal Views Falls short by not including aggregation functions and custom group by and distinct options

I've always felt sometihing was missing with Drupal Views. I never identified it while using views but I've always "felt it's presence" - or lack thereof - while building custom queries for whatever reason in MySQL. Every time I added a function like min(), max(), or sum() or tried to aggregate results with 'group by', I've said to myself silently, "I wonder if I can do this in Views.." but never checked it out until now.

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