Error: Already Exists in Active Configuration

Received this error on "Business" theme after moving a site from standalone to multisite config in Drupal 8:

"... already exists in active configuration"

I don't think it matters which theme (or module ??) it was. Just the fact that I couldn't get a contributed theme to RE-install on my site. Even clearing cache and other tricks I've learned along the Drupal path... didn't work.

Drupal 8 - Override Base Theme CSS

Used to be that you could simply override a stylesheet by simply removing it from your .info file (Drupal 7).
Drupal 8 has an entire new set of rules for this. Stylesheets, by default, load because it's part of your base - makes sense. At least until you want to eliminate that stylesheet in favor of your own theme's styles.

In Drupal 8, you now have a concept of libraries... which basically tells Drupal which set of tools are required to build your site. Hidden deep (not really that deep) in this toolbox is a directive:


Drupal 8 Install Error - Important Links and Roles Disappear

Playing with a Drupal 8 install for the first time, I decided to just go the "grungy" route and do the minimal install. After all, I'm a DRUPAL Developer.. and I know the ins and outs of it. Not just a PHP Developer that supposedly knows everything...

Whatever, the nightmare started when I made that decision.

Theme Function Overrides - Use 'em!

I apologize if this read is a bit strange. I moved the 'meat' of this Drupal Help bit to the top so you don't waste time if all you want to do override a function. I'd rather you be productive then read my non-functional rant. . .

Here's generally how it works:

Drupal 'l' (lowercase L) function

Formats an internal link...
All internal links (especially those generated by modules) should be generated by l():

l($text, $path, $options = array())


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