American Express

New Venture in Consumer Purchasing; Developer

Object Oriented Programming on an ‘everything-proprietary’ tech-stack using an MVC framework in PHP. Used Javascript, jQuery, and LESS using the “AMEX” CMS and Framework (unnamed due to contractual constraints) to build a consumer facing website designed to enhance the brick-and-mortar shopping experience with loyalty cards. Incorporated 3rd party REST / JSON-based API on the front-end to add functionality and expand business offerings to full extent of API.

Wink International LLC

Engineer / Senior Software Developer

As a team of 3, I mentored 2 others in System Integration of LAMP based web front-end with a Windows based high-end variable printing environment. Linked MySQL database to iWay, XMPie, and InDesign printing software through HTTP and SOAP (XML) based Web Services directed by Object Oriented PHP. Responsible for Database design and implementation as well as generating system reports for company performance and billing. Evaluated various software solutions expected to provide print control services.

Object PHP Code

require_once "/sw/installed/apache20/htdocs/soap/lib/nusoap.php";
class XMPieRequest
    protected $xmpie_username = "un";
    protected $xmpie_password = "pw";
    protected $soap_version = 1;

    public $xmpie_api_server = "xmpie";

    protected $soap_class;
    protected $soap_action;
    protected $action_parameters = array();

    public $xmpie_class_app_name = "";
    public $xmpie_api_location = "";
    public $soap_request = "";
    public $soap_response = "";

    function __construct($soap_class, $soap_action, $action_parameters = array())
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