Move taxonomy terms to a new vocabulary while retaining Term IDs (tid) with an added bonus

I've been tasked with tightening up our site's taxonomy. Unfortunately, this includes yet another desire that cannot be met with any of the default tools available in Drupal (and noone has quite hit the mark with a module): Gather terms from multiple vocabularies into one single vocabulary and do it in such a way as to avoid recategorizing the thousands of nodes we have that have already been categorized using the existing terms. The reason for this was that all the vocabulary names could be seen as one.

Drupal Views Falls short by not including aggregation functions and custom group by and distinct options

I've always felt sometihing was missing with Drupal Views. I never identified it while using views but I've always "felt it's presence" - or lack thereof - while building custom queries for whatever reason in MySQL. Every time I added a function like min(), max(), or sum() or tried to aggregate results with 'group by', I've said to myself silently, "I wonder if I can do this in Views.." but never checked it out until now.


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