FCB New York

Senior Operations Engineer
Center for Tobacco Products - under FDA / HHS

FDA (Center for Tobacco Products) – Senior Operations Engineer

Error: Already Exists in Active Configuration

Received this error on "Business" theme after moving a site from standalone to multisite config in Drupal 8:

"... already exists in active configuration"

I don't think it matters which theme (or module ??) it was. Just the fact that I couldn't get a contributed theme to RE-install on my site. Even clearing cache and other tricks I've learned along the Drupal path... didn't work.

Time Inc

Onsite Team Lead
Mindtree / Reveille

Backend Drupal Developer and team lead for Junior- to Mid-level developers. Scrum Master responsible for leading an Agile dev team and related work – creating tickets, grooming, estimating, code reviews, etc. Wrote php code using Drupal and related module APIs to accomplish business goals and reproduce existing functionality. Followed detailed business rules for building and maintaining Drupal sites at local, dev, qa, and production levels. Tools used: Drupal 7, CSS, git /, MySQL, VMWare, bash, Jenkins, Jira, Confluence.

Rodale Incorporated

Software Developer

Software Developer responsible for maintaining several Drupal 5, Drupal 6, and WordPress sites. Charged with designing the architecture and extending several corporate websites including,,,, and In addition, rebuilt a well-trafficked microsite: Utilized several strategies (including database, php, and sql code optimization in addition to other caching methods) to ensure site availability and competitive performance.

Turner New Products Group Senior Developer
Talener Inc.

Worked with team of developers using Drupal 6 to build Developed module for "Hero" generation and display. Required use of custom MySQL queries and PHP code to retrieve field data and inject Advertisement code into slideshow. Used Jquery / Javascript to build and customize a high-end functional slideshow on Drupal Website. Also incorporated CSS sprites for menu and view state display and control.


Senior Consultant
NorthPoint Solutions

Project Lead using Drupal 5.10 with PHP 5.2, MySQL 5.0, Apache, and SVN to design, build, and deploy the new version of the Rodale corporate website: Also incorporated personal and colleague assisted Javascript and CSS skills to enhance the site and acheive its intended look and overall experience on multiple web browsers. Applied advanced features of Drupal to ensure that Drupal Blocks, Views, and Pages and Templates appeared where expected and were functional where necessary.

Community Connect, Inc.

Engineer / Software Developer

Web development in a Linux environment for highly trafficked, ethnically focused, community web sites (,, Utilized PHP, Perl, Oracle, PL/SQL, MySQL, and CVS to engineer and develop new products while maintaining legacy code. Built various data capture and reporting tools with purposes affecting both client sponsorships and internal productivity. Responsible for technology side of "Reunion" - a new, unreleased product which blends the best features of and

Netline Internet Solutions, Inc.

Consultant - Programmer / Analyst

Solaris and Linux System Administration, Web Administration, and Database Administration including installation of Linux, Apache, and MySQL, and setting up site structure and web service availability for co-located computers. Responsibilities also included Web Development in PHP, Perl, and shell scripts. Ensuring and restoring the availability of file servers, web servers, "Real" Servers, and e-mail was also required. Completed an e-commerce solution used by clients to bill customer credit cards.

AOL - Time Warner (Time Inc. Research Center)

Web Applications Development Manager

System Administration on Linux, SGI Indys, and Sun E-450 servers. Built backup systems into Linux servers while recreating and/or maintaining the authentication, cronjobs, services, and CGI operations that were previously in place. Coordinated Requirements and Update Meetings between management, end-users, and the “tech team” for communication about various projects. Used PHP, Perl, SQL, and Javascript to rebuild Celebrity Contacts - a revenue generating (previously commercially built [by Showbase]) service used by other departments.

Taxonomy Tables and relations

The following is a list and descriptions of the taxonomy tables used by Drupal 6. In depth description and explanations are not provided here. I'm only listing them because I've had a hard time finding a list myself. BYODD (Backup YOur Database, Dummy) before changing these tables.

custom_breadcrumbs_taxonomy_vocabulary : Added by the Custom Breadcrumbs Taxonomy module. I don't know how it's used at this time.
vocabulary : Assigns an ID to a vocabulary name and stores the description, weight, hierarchy, and other metadata about vocabularies


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