American Express

New Venture in Consumer Purchasing; Developer

Object Oriented Programming on an ‘everything-proprietary’ tech-stack using an MVC framework in PHP. Used Javascript, jQuery, and LESS using the “AMEX” CMS and Framework (unnamed due to contractual constraints) to build a consumer facing website designed to enhance the brick-and-mortar shopping experience with loyalty cards. Incorporated 3rd party REST / JSON-based API on the front-end to add functionality and expand business offerings to full extent of API.

American Media, Inc

Software Developer

Handled perpetual feature requests and bug fixes on various high-trafficked AMI web properties using the Drupal 6 an Drupal 7 platforms. Required to update and fix software initially built by third party contractors often revisiting best practices both for PHP and Drupal. Built initial stages of Muscle & Fitness redesigned website on Drupal 7 requiring some responsive design techniques and incorporating Javascript/JQuery controls. Used Agile practices in planning, building, and repairing all properties.

jQuery get() is Destructive

Drupal Views Variable Height Content Going Horizontal.

I had the disturbing task of creating a 3-column Homepage layout with nodes of varying height. The challenge here is that floating this content with CSS forces the left columns to have huge blocks of whitespace or empty "real estate" as the CSS engine tries to fill space to the right.

Since the desired effect of "most recent content on the top", multiple views or views displays were for the most part out of the question.


JQuery 'each()' method

Just found this sort of holy grail of JQuery looping. As usual, I have little time to elaborate.... so here's what I did:

To show only a specified number of entries in a tag-set. The example here is on a set of divs with class="comment".

  $('#comments .comment').each
    function (idx)
        $(this).css("display", "none");

This is how I used the each method. (In my usage) each() takes a function as a parameter.

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