Form API

JPMorgan Chase

Customer Experience Engineering; Developer

Built a Sales and Marketing tool on the Drupal 7 platform intended for online and offline use after conversion with Phone Gap and MoSync for various tablets and iPads. Custom module development leveraging various theme, Form, Views, and permission hooks and api functions. Coupling them with JavaScript libraries and some light image processing now enables sales teams to draw once, then project 'hot areas' onto resized images.

Lead Developer

Senior / Lead Developer responsible for engineering business goals into new online products. Applied Drupal CMS to previously manual procedures cutting production time on some jobs by more than 50%. Enabled some tasks to be completed by less technical employees including managers and editors. Built multi-page dynamic “Request Form” (a Wizard) for interdepartmental requests, communication, and feedback utilizing the Drupal Form API and various Drupal hooks. Automated task of migrating “Salon Networks” from static files to CSV in preparation for site relaunch.

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