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Lead Developer and Architect
Trigyn, Inc

Offer direction on how to accomplish various tasks in the leanest manner possible sometimes requiring new architecture. Troubleshoot, document, and fix failed Drupal migrations. Provide solutions for migrating to Drupal the many hundreds of sites built on other platforms. Script the migration process as much as possible to automate content migration. Write custom modules to accomplish many detailed requests for Drupal site behavior. Built Permissions and Roles based module to regulate who edits translated content which also created new roles and permissions as new languages are added.

Drupal Permissions Set Properly.. Still Saying "Access Denied"

A user who should clearly have permission to edit a node or other content cannot. You've checked the permissions and roles over and over again and everything looks great. The user can log in, make changes to some other content but something's wrong with some specific bit and you can't figure out why.
Hopefully, that's the reason you're here. If not, maybe you'll learn something anyway. Or maybe you should just click another Google link; 'cause that's what I'd do. ;)

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