Drupal Migration

Attach an Existing File to a Node... Programmatically

and the need to consider languages / translations.

Hi!! I'm excited 'cause I just spent another hour figuring out something that wasn't exactly rocket science... but a fairly obscure solution for my "special case".

HarperCollins Publishing

Emerging Technology Group Senior Developer
Talener Inc.

Responsible for cleanup of botched site build on Drupal platform involving complicated data migration and aggregation. Customized various modules and leveraged knowledge of Drupal architecture, schema, and methods to address the business requirements, logic, and existing data schema in building the main corporate site: harpercollins.com. Also responsible for maintenance and repair on two WordPress sites: broadsidebooks.com and avonromance.com.

Rodale Incorporated

Software Developer

Software Developer responsible for maintaining several Drupal 5, Drupal 6, and WordPress sites. Charged with designing the architecture and extending several corporate websites including Rodale.com, RodaleInc.com, Bicycling.com, MensHealth.com, and WomensHealth.com. In addition, rebuilt a well-trafficked microsite: HomeRemedies.Prevention.com. Utilized several strategies (including database, php, and sql code optimization in addition to other caching methods) to ensure site availability and competitive performance.

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