drupal hooks

United Nations

Lead Developer and Architect
Trigyn, Inc

Offer direction on how to accomplish various tasks in the leanest manner possible sometimes requiring new architecture. Troubleshoot, document, and fix failed Drupal migrations. Provide solutions for migrating to Drupal the many hundreds of sites built on other platforms. Script the migration process as much as possible to automate content migration. Write custom modules to accomplish many detailed requests for Drupal site behavior. Built Permissions and Roles based module to regulate who edits translated content which also created new roles and permissions as new languages are added.

JPMorgan Chase

Customer Experience Engineering; Developer

Built a Sales and Marketing tool on the Drupal 7 platform intended for online and offline use after conversion with Phone Gap and MoSync for various tablets and iPads. Custom module development leveraging various theme, Form, Views, and permission hooks and api functions. Coupling them with JavaScript libraries and some light image processing now enables sales teams to draw once, then project 'hot areas' onto resized images.

Don't Hack Core

You hear it all the time. Any CMS worth its developers' sweated salt has some system of hooks available to other developers to use for customization of their own projects. What the same CMS would have is an entire commando unit who refuses to use the hooks available because they don't understand them, refuse to rtfm, or simply feel like hacking core is the right, easier, or *whatever-they'll-never-try-to-upgrade-anyway* way to go... or something like that.

The bottom line is:

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