Drupal Architecture

FCB New York

Senior Operations Engineer
Center for Tobacco Products www.therealcost.gov - under FDA / HHS

FDA (Center for Tobacco Products) – Senior Operations Engineer

Error: MYTHEME.xxx Already Exists in Active Configuration

Received this error on "Business" theme after moving a site from standalone to multisite config in Drupal 8:

"... already exists in active configuration"

I don't think it matters which theme (or module ??) it was. Just the fact that I couldn't get a contributed theme to RE-install on my site. Even clearing cache and other tricks I've learned along the Drupal path... didn't work.

United Nations

Lead Developer and Architect
Trigyn, Inc

Offer direction on how to accomplish various tasks in the leanest manner possible sometimes requiring new architecture. Troubleshoot, document, and fix failed Drupal migrations. Provide solutions for migrating to Drupal the many hundreds of sites built on other platforms. Script the migration process as much as possible to automate content migration. Write custom modules to accomplish many detailed requests for Drupal site behavior. Built Permissions and Roles based module to regulate who edits translated content which also created new roles and permissions as new languages are added.

HarperCollins Publishing

Emerging Technology Group Senior Developer
Talener Inc.

Responsible for cleanup of botched site build on Drupal platform involving complicated data migration and aggregation. Customized various modules and leveraged knowledge of Drupal architecture, schema, and methods to address the business requirements, logic, and existing data schema in building the main corporate site: harpercollins.com. Also responsible for maintenance and repair on two WordPress sites: broadsidebooks.com and avonromance.com.

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