Drupal API

Use node_load and node_save to Import Data

So you have a CSV file that as a developer, you already know how to manipulate and read from. You also know how to create objects or arrays from this CSV file. But you're running Drupal 6 and you want the content in this file to be content on the site. Most dev guys will tell you that you need to write custom queries to extend the Drupal Schema and then write custom code to get it on the page.

Don't forget... BYODD: Backup Your Own Database Dummy! We're Not responsible for you screwing up your database if you follow these directions.

Changing Search Results With hook_nodeapi

Sometimes, you have a need to really customize your search results. For this project there was a very specific 'index this, not that' sort of requirement. But the site was built already and while I'm still not sure of another way to get these requirements met, there was no way I was going to rebuild anything.

Drupal 'l' (lowercase L) function

Formats an internal link...
All internal links (especially those generated by modules) should be generated by l():

l($text, $path, $options = array())


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