Drupal 7

rockthedrop.com Upgraded to Drupal 7

... FINALLY ...
So I finally did it. Amongst other things, forgetting that I should have copied my list of imagecache presets before embarking on such a journey. Everything seems to be in order so far. I did, unfortunately, break my "Cooliris Portfolio". Hoping to fix shortly.

Drupal 7 Date Formats and View Modes

Hi! You must have a date formatting issue - You need to display a date within your Drupal 7 site in a more human readable format. I, for instance, needed to display a date in the format of 'September 2012' instead of how the date was stored in the Drupal database: 2012-09-01.

Drupal 7 Theme Caching Problem

So I started on a new Drupal 7 project. Got my First Drupal 7 Theme problem. A small blog site for a less-than-famous cook.. but one who LOVES to share new ideas on what to eat. The moment I changed themes was my first disappointment with Drupal 7...

Even though the Regions were named as they were in the default Bartik theme, None of the block content rendered in the expected places. Yes, I saved the individual blocks... and yes, I saved the Blocks page itself.

The problem, it turns out, is that I needed to CLEAR the CACHE here: /config/development/performance



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