Drupal 6

American Media, Inc

Software Developer

Handled perpetual feature requests and bug fixes on various high-trafficked AMI web properties using the Drupal 6 an Drupal 7 platforms. Required to update and fix software initially built by third party contractors often revisiting best practices both for PHP and Drupal. Built initial stages of Muscle & Fitness redesigned website on Drupal 7 requiring some responsive design techniques and incorporating Javascript/JQuery controls. Used Agile practices in planning, building, and repairing all properties.

HarperCollins Publishing

Emerging Technology Group Senior Developer
Talener Inc.

Responsible for cleanup of botched site build on Drupal platform involving complicated data migration and aggregation. Customized various modules and leveraged knowledge of Drupal architecture, schema, and methods to address the business requirements, logic, and existing data schema in building the main corporate site: harpercollins.com. Also responsible for maintenance and repair on two WordPress sites: broadsidebooks.com and avonromance.com.

Rodale Incorporated

Software Developer

Software Developer responsible for maintaining several Drupal 5, Drupal 6, and WordPress sites. Charged with designing the architecture and extending several corporate websites including Rodale.com, RodaleInc.com, Bicycling.com, MensHealth.com, and WomensHealth.com. In addition, rebuilt a well-trafficked microsite: HomeRemedies.Prevention.com. Utilized several strategies (including database, php, and sql code optimization in addition to other caching methods) to ensure site availability and competitive performance.


Turner New Products Group Senior Developer
Talener Inc.

Worked with team of developers using Drupal 6 to build CNNGo.com. Developed module for "Hero" generation and display. Required use of custom MySQL queries and PHP code to retrieve field data and inject Advertisement code into slideshow. Used Jquery / Javascript to build and customize a high-end functional slideshow on Drupal Website. Also incorporated CSS sprites for menu and view state display and control.


Lead Developer

Senior / Lead Developer responsible for engineering business goals into new online products. Applied Drupal CMS to previously manual procedures cutting production time on some jobs by more than 50%. Enabled some tasks to be completed by less technical employees including managers and editors. Built multi-page dynamic “Request Form” (a Wizard) for interdepartmental requests, communication, and feedback utilizing the Drupal Form API and various Drupal hooks. Automated task of migrating “Salon Networks” from static files to CSV in preparation for site relaunch.

Taxonomy Tables and relations

The following is a list and descriptions of the taxonomy tables used by Drupal 6. In depth description and explanations are not provided here. I'm only listing them because I've had a hard time finding a list myself. BYODD (Backup YOur Database, Dummy) before changing these tables.

custom_breadcrumbs_taxonomy_vocabulary : Added by the Custom Breadcrumbs Taxonomy module. I don't know how it's used at this time.
vocabulary : Assigns an ID to a vocabulary name and stores the description, weight, hierarchy, and other metadata about vocabularies

Move taxonomy terms to a new vocabulary while retaining Term IDs (tid) with an added bonus

I've been tasked with tightening up our site's taxonomy. Unfortunately, this includes yet another desire that cannot be met with any of the default tools available in Drupal (and noone has quite hit the mark with a module): Gather terms from multiple vocabularies into one single vocabulary and do it in such a way as to avoid recategorizing the thousands of nodes we have that have already been categorized using the existing terms. The reason for this was that all the vocabulary names could be seen as one.

Drupal 'l' (lowercase L) function

Formats an internal link...
All internal links (especially those generated by modules) should be generated by l():

l($text, $path, $options = array())


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