FCB New York

Senior Operations Engineer
Center for Tobacco Products www.therealcost.gov - under FDA / HHS

FDA (Center for Tobacco Products) – Senior Operations Engineer

Time Inc

Onsite Team Lead
Mindtree / Reveille

Backend Drupal Developer and team lead for Junior- to Mid-level developers. Scrum Master responsible for leading an Agile dev team and related work – creating tickets, grooming, estimating, code reviews, etc. Wrote php code using Drupal and related module APIs to accomplish business goals and reproduce existing functionality. Followed detailed business rules for building and maintaining Drupal sites at local, dev, qa, and production levels. Tools used: Drupal 7, CSS, git / git.com, MySQL, VMWare, bash, Jenkins, Jira, Confluence.

Rodale Incorporated

Software Developer

Software Developer responsible for maintaining several Drupal 5, Drupal 6, and WordPress sites. Charged with designing the architecture and extending several corporate websites including Rodale.com, RodaleInc.com, Bicycling.com, MensHealth.com, and WomensHealth.com. In addition, rebuilt a well-trafficked microsite: HomeRemedies.Prevention.com. Utilized several strategies (including database, php, and sql code optimization in addition to other caching methods) to ensure site availability and competitive performance.


Senior Consultant
NorthPoint Solutions

Project Lead using Drupal 5.10 with PHP 5.2, MySQL 5.0, Apache, and SVN to design, build, and deploy the new version of the Rodale corporate website: rodaleinc.com. Also incorporated personal and colleague assisted Javascript and CSS skills to enhance the site and acheive its intended look and overall experience on multiple web browsers. Applied advanced features of Drupal to ensure that Drupal Blocks, Views, and Pages and Templates appeared where expected and were functional where necessary.

Viacom (MTV)

Senior Consultant
NorthPoint Solutions,

Built and maintained Flux based “Real World Dailies” video website (realworlddailies.com) and “The American Mall” (theamericanmall.com) utilized the proprietary FLUX programming language, HTML, Javascript, CSS, and Flash video to reflect, support, and chronicle the MTV broadcasts of “The Real World” and “The American Mall”. Communicated opnenly and concisely all issues and breakthroughs regarding the FLUX application and the project overall.

jQuery get() is Destructive

Drupal Views Variable Height Content Going Horizontal.

I had the disturbing task of creating a 3-column Homepage layout with nodes of varying height. The challenge here is that floating this content with CSS forces the left columns to have huge blocks of whitespace or empty "real estate" as the CSS engine tries to fill space to the right.

Since the desired effect of "most recent content on the top", multiple views or views displays were for the most part out of the question.


Conditional Stylesheet for IE 8

In short, when you need conditional CSS code for IE 8, dont use the typical method of inclusion as we did for IE 7. It just doesn't work. This is ignored: [if IE 8]

Instead, use this: [if gte IE 8]

Here are the full code entries. The WRONG way:
<!--[if IE 8]>
<link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" media="all" href="ie8.css" />

and The CORRECT way:
[if gte IE 8]
<link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" media="all" href="ie8.css" />

JQuery 'each()' method

Just found this sort of holy grail of JQuery looping. As usual, I have little time to elaborate.... so here's what I did:

To show only a specified number of entries in a tag-set. The example here is on a set of divs with class="comment".

  $('#comments .comment').each
    function (idx)
        $(this).css("display", "none");

This is how I used the each method. (In my usage) each() takes a function as a parameter.

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